By Clay Chandler

Clay is an author, editor and fellow at Hult International Business School where he follows technology, economics and global business. He is a former Asia editor at McKinsey & Company, and has held senior editorial roles at Fortune, The Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal. Follow him on Twitter @claychandler

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A medley of our seven favorite resources and presentations including the good, the bad, and the hilarious.

1) “I Have a Dream” PowerPoint

What if Martin Luther King Jr. dreamed in PowerPoint? William Easterly reimagines this celebrated speech as just that. The nightmarish results are on Huffington Post.

2) Death by PowerPoint

This wry, 60-slide presentation by Alexei Kapterev is a great PowerPoint that’s all about bad PowerPoint.

3) Life After Death by PowerPoint

An oldie but a goodie — comedian Don McMillan skewers horrible PowerPoints in this 2008 stand-up routine.


Duarte, Inc is the largest design firm in Silicon Valley. Founder Nancy Duarte is widely regarded as one of the best communications experts anywhere. Her website offers all sorts of great ideas, links, advice, and tutorials for presenters.

5) Slide Heroes

This website offers a great basic tutorial on the nuts and bolts of creating what it calls “McKinsey style” presentations. I’m not saying that’s something one should aspire to; I’ve seen a lot of terrible McKinsey PowerPoint decks. But Slide Heroes has the right idea, and the tutorial is free.


SlideShare, acquired by LinkedIn in 2012, is the world’s largest slide hosting service. It allows users to upload files in PowerPoint and a range of other formats, which can be viewed in the site itself or embedded on other sites. SlideShare is a great showcase for all manner of presentations, good, bad, and ugly.

7) McKinsey’s Dominic Barton on SlideShare

Here’s an example of a real McKinsey PowerPoint delivered by the firm’s managing director, Dominic Barton, who’s one of the best presenters in the business.