By Clay Chandler

Clay is an author, editor and fellow at Hult International Business School where he follows technology, economics and global business. He is a former Asia editor at McKinsey & Company, and has held senior editorial roles at Fortune, The Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal. Follow him on Twitter @claychandler

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Business travel can take a terrible toll on your health. Here are four great workouts you can do without leaving your hotel room.

Travel can be one of the biggest challenges for executives trying to stay fit. Time zones change, the food is different and you can’t always stay in a hotel with a properly equipped gym. Hitting the road can be a particular challenge for younger staffers whose corporate travel mavens book them in budget business hotels where fitness rooms often can be little more than a suite full of dilapidated treadmills.

But that’s no excuse for slacking off on your workouts. There are all sorts of things you can do to stay fit without access to freeweights. In fact, you can get excellent results without leaving your room by doing high-intensity routines involving variations of squats, lunges, push-ups and planks.

You can find all manner of recommendations for in-room routines on the web, but my favorite by far is the series of workouts designed by fitness guru Matt Roberts for guests of London’s posh 45 Park Lane Hotel.

Count yourself lucky if you are able to try these routines in the sleek comfort of the 45 Park Lane itself; it’s one of my very favorite hotels. Alas, for all its five-star glamour and magnificent views of Hyde Park, 45 Park Lane has one glaring defect: it lacks a gym. Guests have the option of schlepping a few blocks to the smallish fitness center at 45 Park Lane’s less posh sister hotel, the Dorchester. It would appear that 45 Park’s proprietors decided they also needed Roberts’ videos for guests who (understandably) can’t bring themselves to step outside the hotel’s luxurious cocoon.

Happily, the 45 Park Lane’s workout video collection also is on YouTube, so you can follow Roberts’ routines whether you’re staying in Hyde Park or Hyderabad. All you need is a towel and a single resistance band. The best overall routine is the “full body workout,” which you can do in 20 minutes:

For long-term road warriors, Roberts also has devised in-room routines focusing on particular muscle groups.

There’s one for legs:

And another for arms:

And both beginner and advanced workouts for abs:

So what are you waiting for?  Hit the road jacked.